Some may be wondering why this product still exists when an automatic drip coffee maker is so convenient.

What a French Press can offer over its electric drip coffee maker counterpart is a stronger, more robust and flavourful cup of coffee.  How this is achieved is actually quite simple, there is no paper filter to take away the coffee oils that can add to the flavour and mouth feel of a cup of coffee. 

Part of the allure of using a French Press is its simplicity. Here are the steps to making great coffee:

  1.  Boil fresh water. Good water makes good coffee. Use spring or filtered water.
  2.  While we are waiting for the water to boil, remove the lid from the French Press.
  3. Spoon into the French Press freshly roasted coffee that is between 3-10 days old.  Use coarsely ground coffee. As a general rule of thumb 1 tablespoon of coffee will yield 1 cup of coffee, of course this is also dependent on the type of coffee you are using.  So if your French Press has a capacity of 6 cups (1.5L) then put in 6 tablespoons of coffee.
  4. After water has come to a boil, let it sit for a minute before filling your French Press with water.  Warning: Do NOT fill pass the MAX line.
  5. After you have poured in the water, its a good idea to give everything a stir before putting the lid back on.  We recommend using a small wooden spoon or chopsticks to avoid damaging the glass of your French Press.
  6. Replace the lid with the “plunger handle” pulled out and the filter sitting at the top.
  7. Let the coffee brew for about 2-4 minutes. Aroma works as a good guide to when it is ready. You’ll notice the coffee go from acidic to smelling really good before the acidic smell comes back. Plunge down when it smells great!
  8. With the spout facing away from you, gently push the “plunger” down until it reaches the bottom.
  9. Serve the coffee immediately or transfer unused coffee into a thermos.