Paul Martinetti writes:

“Yesterday I bought a Capresso Infinity grinder at Williams-Sonoma for $140. They will refund me if it doesn’t grind fine or consistent enough for the pump machine..haven’t tried it yet. If it is unsatisfactory I will look into the Rancillio.”

Later, he reports:

“I’m pleased with the grinder’s consistency and fineness. The dark oily beans ground in the extra-fine settings stalled my La Pavoni, but the fine settings are perfect. Most important it lets me pull a great decaf for my wife, because it grinds more fine than the Turkish setting at my local Starbucks.

The reviews were accurate that it is tough to clean. There is a groove between the spinning disk and the well wall that is impossible to clean thoroughly. The blunt teeth on the disk push ground coffee out the shoot, but the fine grounds cake up easily and cling to every surface. It’s also a bit clumsy scooping the powdery fine ground coffee from the collection bin to load the portafilter. And I think the motor spins a bit too fast to allow beans to easily drop into the burrs in extra fine settings, beans bounce around quite a bit.

Overall I’m pleased not to have to buy ground coffee, and the improved flavor seems worth the extra cleaning effort. If I were to upgrade grinders I would want an improved dispenser for the ground coffee, and a machine that cleans thoroughly in less time.”

Hmmm…you might want to check this out. It seems cheap from Amazon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The review post is pretty interesting…surprised by the low price on Amazon..

    I meant to mention that I bought a toothbrush for the sole purpose of cleaning the grinder and it helps a lot..

    I’m happy with my setup. I love the La Pavoni lever machine..never had espresso that good anywhere. I see no need to graduate to an automatic pump any time soon. I’d be more likely to buy another Europiccola so I can go back and forth for company..keep temperature down.

    Is there another place other than European Gift to get parts? I ordered 2 more 2-shot portafilters, and they sent two slightly different into a discussion of whether or not I had a millenium edition. It’ll probably be ok..sent one back, but I’ve had bad luck with these things in the past and just in case, it would be nice to know if I have another option.


  2. renart says:

    Hi Paul,

    As much as I love the La Pavoni, for a lot of people I use an ECM Giotto with a single E61. I can pump through drinks almost as fast as a coffee house…the key is that you don’t have to wait for the pressure to die down before pulling the next shot. I have done larger parties with La Pavoni, but I think it is really more suitable as a coffee fanatic’s tool…something to really enjoy using while taking the time.

    European Gifts was the sole importer for the US, I believe. They should have parts although I have never dealt with them. Hmmm…I should do some research on this and figure out the best place to get Pavoni parts.

    I’ve had people tell me that I should stock parts. Probably not a bad idea, but then again, I’m a hobbyist and not a coffee machine repair shop. I figured that even if I did stock some parts, I won’t have ALL the parts–and definitely not the parts that are going to break down because it seems like I only hear about the strange failures. The failures on non-moving and seemingly fail-proof parts. 🙂

    The newer La Pavoni has larger filters. Yours and mine use the older style smaller ones.


  3. brunsli says:

    I have the La Pavoni Jolly mill, but have never had it serviced in the five years I’ve had it. Does it need any routine service?

  4. renart says:


    I’m not familiary with the Jolly, but if you have to inclination to clean out the areas where old bean fragments may be trapped, it isn’t a bad thing.

    I just don’t think it is necessary if you are using it regularly and it works to your satisfaction…

  5. brunsli says:

    Thanks Renart!

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